Meet Our Camels

Most of our camels have been rescued from uncertain fates.
They now have their forever homes blissfully strolling along the beach or relaxing in their grassy paddocks at home.
They’re each uniquely special and cherished family members.
Once you meet them, they’re sure to create a special place in your heart too.

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Our most majestic camel and the largest.  Darkstar is 10 years old. He’s a big softy and loves nothing more than a causal beach walk.


The boss lady and head of the train. Morgaine is 10 years old. One of our little camels but certainly makes up for size with her big personality.

Benjamin Wallace

Needs no introduction. Benji takes everything in his stride and is always sharing a camel kiss with anyone who will have one. Best mates with Darkstar, Benji is 9 years old and is a definite character.


One of two most senior camels we have. Cyrus is 23 years old and shares the lead role with Morganie. He has also spent some time like Yusoff, pulling a wagon. Cyrus is a real gentleman.

Big Bob

Just as his name suggest…. he’s big and his name’s Bob. Another senior at 23 years old and as strong as an ox. Big Bob’s highlight of the week is to go to the beach and often lines up to come, even when he’s not supposed to be. He loves the beach… who wouldn’t!


Yusoff has a really interesting story. Yusoff and his mates Duke, Sally & Rhianna brought a wagon from Hermannsburg NT to Taree NSW, some 3000km. He’s such a geltleman at 9 years old and is now a real beach bum.


This little girl is the blondy of the bunch and our senior at 15 years old. She’s often the caboose at the rear of the train. Bethany has won many hearts already by those that have had a ride on her.


Flynn loves the beach, more than any one. Flynn is 12 years old and has spent many days on the beaches in NSW. Now enjoys the sun and surf of Noosa North Shore.


Aber is the baby of the train at only 8 years old. He has also been lucky to wonder along the beaches of NSW with Flynn, his best mate. And like Flynn, is completly blissed out when he’s at the beach. Aber loves the company of people, especially if they’re going to give him a brush.

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Noosa Camel Rides is located on Noosa North Shore Beach inside the Great Sandy Straight National Park.
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