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Hump Day @ Camelot

Camelot Dairies is open every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. Café with delicious freshly homemade cakes. Our scones are famous and sell out every weekend.

Our coffee is sourced from Noosa and blended especially for Camelot served with Camelot Camel’s Milk. In fact, we only use our milk at the café.

Come and relax in our friendly atmosphere out in the fresh air and sunshine. Have a camel ride or embrace in a good vibe camel cuddle. No bookings necessary, just come and enjoy the sunshine.

World Camel Day @ Camelot

Celebrated each year in June, this is a day for music, markets, food and camel rides.

This day is celebrated throughout the world and acknowledges the impact camels have had in not only Australia’s history but throughout the world.

No bookings required

Bus Tours @ Camelot

Bookings are available for minimum of 20 people for private tours of the farm on a Wednesday.

Find out the history of the farm, camel history, what we do, meet our camels and enjoy morning or afternoon tea.

Bookings essential

Special Events @ Camelot

Birthday parties, photo shoots, weddings and ceremonies.

Want something a little different, well what better way to celebrate than at Camelot.

Beautiful spaces for photos, gorgeous sunsets, private setting and friendly staff… what more could you need.

Bookings essential

Explore with Camels

Noosa Camel Rides is located on Noosa North Shore Beach inside the Great Sandy Straight National Park.

Camel Judging at Gympie Show 2021

This year, Gympie Show made history and hosted camel led classes.
These classes were designed by taking elements from showing cattle and horses.
The competition had four classes and the first being Best Presented.

Placings for Best Presented:

This was an open class and the judge was looking for the overall presentation of the camel and handler.
1st Camelot Darkstar – handler Michael Mills
2nd Uluru Mallee Duke – handler Wayne Morris
3rd Lambina Aberdine – handler Matt Fitzgibbon

Placings for Open Cow:

Our first of the led classes was for Open Cow.
This class was provided for any female cow either dry or lactating.
1st Camelot Morganie – handler Lylla Burton
2nd Camelot Bethany – handler Ellie Morris

Placings for Bullock 12 years and Under:

Male castrated camels are called Bullocks.
This class was split in two, with the first being Bullock under 12 years old.
1st Hermannsburgh Yusoff – handler Michael Mills
2nd Lambina Aberdine – handler Matt Fitzgibbon
3rd Southern Cross Rajaz – handler Dean Morris

Placings for Bullock 12 years and Over:

The second bullock class was for the seniors; Bullock 12 years and over.
1st Southern Cross Cyrus – handler Cathy Howe
2nd Southern Cross Big Bob – handler Lylla Burton
Equal 3rd Camelot Darkstar – handler Michael Mills & Camelot Benjamin Wallace – handler Dean Morris

The final class was Champion and Reserve Champion Exhibit. This was a tough call for the judge and the results were:

Champion Camel Exhibit

Hermannsburgh Yusoff
Handler Michael Mills

Reserve Champion Exhibit

Lambina Aberdine
Handler Matt Fitzgibbon

A huge thank you to the Gympie Show Society for hosting these classes for the 2021 Gympie Show.
Camelot Camels Noosa Camel Rides Hire our friendly camels for an event festival or beach rideJudge and steward
The Judge was Mr Stan Edwards (Left) and the Ring Steward was Melanie Fitzgibbon (Right)
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