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Welcome to Our Farm

We love visitors and so do our friendly camels.

As many of our girls have new babies with them, we try not to disrupt their daily routine too much but we do want you to come and see us, so we open our gates to the public every Sunday.

We would love you to come and meet our family.

Camel Rides @ Camelot

We will be opening the farm on Wednesday’s from 10:00am – 1:00pm

  • Camel Rides and Cafe
  • Camel Milk Products

Our camels are trained right from the start with kindness and respect. As camels are quite the socialist, their human interactions have always been positive. They look forward to our visitors and enjoy the interactions.

With our camel’s comfort in mind, we don’t ask our camels to sit to be mounted, but each rider mounts from a mounting platform. Easy on the camel and easy on the rider.

Camels are tied together while they walk as this is their favorite way to be…. Together. They each have their own spot in the “train”.

The ride around the farm takes approximately 10 minutes in total from mounting to dismounting and riders are encouraged to take and share their photos on social media. While experiencing a Camelot Camel Ride, you’ll be able to ask questions from Wayne or Melanie about the camels, the farm and what they love to do.

No bookings are required for camel rides. Helmets must be worn at all times and all riders ride at their own risk.

Cost is $10 per rider

Camelot Camels Noosa Camel Rides Hire our friendly camels for an event festival or beach rideWalking throught he bush

Unique Experience

Tick off your bucket list and ride a camel on the beach. Cool breezes, soft sand and the gentle sway of the camel’s easy gait. Pristine landscape surrounded by beach, lakes and National Park. Discover ancient sand dunes, sparkling blue ocean, miles of white sandy beaches and native wildlife including kangaroos and birds.

Pristine Location

The location is magnificent, as Noosa North Shore is one of QLD’s most beautiful beaches. This secluded beach is only accessible by barge. The journey across the Noosa River via the car ferry at Tewantin will transport you to Noosa North Shore – more than 80km of unspoilt open beaches, golden sands and forest wilderness.

Best Camels

Our Camels are the friendliest camels you will ever meet, each with their own individual character. Steady and easy to ride, especially in our uniquely hand crafted saddles, bridles and stirrups, individually designed to fit each camel. Mounting and dismounting is designed for the comfort of the rider and camel, and this is done from a loading platform.


Our most majestic camel and the largest.  Darkstar is 10 years old. He’s a big softy and loves nothing more than a causal beach walk.


The boss lady and head of the train. Morgaine is 10 years old. One of our little camels but certainly makes up for size with her big personality.

Benjamin Wallace

Needs no introduction. Benji takes everything in his stride and is always sharing a camel kiss with anyone who will have one. Best mates with Darkstar, Benji is 9 years old and is a definite character.

A Truly Australian Experience

What could be more Australian than joining us for a relaxing Camel Ride on the glorious Noosa North Shore Beach, QLD Australia. Enjoy the beauty of the beach on board the ships of the desert.

Mel and Wayne will take you on a guided tour along the soft, white sands and clear aqua waters along the 80 kms beach which is part of the national park.

Adding to the adventure is the barge ride across the Noosa River to this private and secluded location.

Gift Vouchers Available

Looking for a unique gift idea, why buy a gift voucher and give them a wonderful experience they will never forget.

Camelot Camels Noosa Camel Rides Hire our friendly camels for an event festival or beach rideSmiles and Cuddles

cuddly Camels

Ride Experience
No experience needed as camels are a lot easier to ride than horses, suitable for all ages from 5 up and all levels of fitness.

Kids Riding
Children from aged 5 can ride with a parent or guardian.
Children between 5 years and 12 years must have an adult rider with them

Ride Restrictions
Weight Guideline –  In the best interest of our camels and your comfort, up to 100 kg weight limit per person applies.
We do not recommend riding for some health conditions, please see General Terms and Conditions for our guidelines.

Camelot Camels Noosa Camel Rides Hire our friendly camels for an event festival or beach rideSnuggles

Noosa North Shore

How to get there


Noosa North Shore Car Ferries will transport
your vehicle safely across the river.

They operate two car ferries 365 days a year
from the river end of Moorindil Street,
Tewantin and depart approximately every ten minutes.

The Ferry Operates:
Sunday – Thursday 5:30am – 10:20pm
Friday & Saturday 5:30am – 12:20am

Where to eat


The Noosa North Shore Getaway Bar & Bistro is open for a la carte lunch & dinner every Friday & Saturday and lunch every Sunday.

It is the traveler hot spot for family-friendly Lunches and Dinners. Dog friendly 🙂

Dine in or takeaway, good for groups or parties.

1 Beach Road, Noosa North Shore.

They also have activities such as Rock Climbing Wall and Putt Putt plus accommodation, so make sure you check this place out while your here.

If you have your directions set to shortest route it will try to take you up the beach. Ignore this and use the main road until you get to the red pole. We would love to put up a big sign to assist people but as this is National Park we are not permitted.

240a Wilderness Track, Noosa North Shore
Just before the camping grounds

Look for this road sign and you know your on the right road,
under no cirumstance do you drive on the beach.

Look for this road sign and you know your on the right road,
under no cirumstance do you drive on the beach.

Explore with Camels

Noosa Camel Rides is located on Noosa North Shore Beach inside the Great Sandy Straight National Park.
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